Best Amsterdam coffee bars

Just like the Amsterdam food culture, the coffee culture has also evolved immensly during the past couple of years. It used to be mainly the expats that were on the search for their good quality coffee fix. But in the meantime, also the locals joined the hype and are becoming much more critical about the right coffee!


While many things had to close during the Covid-19 peaks, luckily the coffee places were able to stay open – and their importance has become even bigger. Now that people can’t enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant, or go for Sunday brunch in their favourite cafe, you can see the locals queuing in front of their favourite Amsterdam coffee bars to get their taste buds going.


Everyone loves a warm brew after their weekend exercise, to take with them on a stroll through the park, or to warm up while the kids play outside.


Like I said, there are many lovely Amsterdam coffee bars by now that all brew wonderful coffee. But we thought it’s nice to list our favourite neighbourhood coffee places for you, so that you know where to go once you are able to visit us in Amsterdam again.


Here you can find our favourite coffee places

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As you all know by now, we love to bake little treats for our guests.

To us, offering homemade cakes or cookies are definitely part of welcoming guests. We want you all to feel at home at our Amsterdam Bed & Breakfast and we hope that some homemade treats will help to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our guests!!

So we thought we'll share some of our favourite recipes with you on our little blog so that you can re-create some Weavery-feeling at home when you get the travel-itch or when you feel like spoiling yourself and your loved ones with something home-baked.

Here, you can find some of our favourite recipes.

Neighbourhood Guide

We always love to share our personal Amsterdam recommendations with our dear guests as we want you to really make the most our of your time in Amsterdam. Of course you also need to take some time to just wander around without a specific agenda. After all, getting lost a little bit is part of the adventure of a city trip. However, some little recommendations are always handy to have.

In our blog, we want to take you with us on our journey through Amsterdam. We will keep adding new things here to keep you updated, and will split it all in different sections so that you can easily find what you are most interested in.

One of the things that were important to us, is to show you the lovely gems of our direct neighbourhood. Everyone that visited us already knows that it almost feels like we live in a little village inside the city, which is actually what Amsterdam is all about and part of what makes Amsterdam so special. In our little neighbourhood, more and more beautiful things are happening.

Wonderful, creative people are setting foot here. You can still get one of the best coffees in town just around the corner from us at Back to black. But more wonderful things are happening. For example, you can now buy the best quality clothes down the street at Anecdote, get a fantastic take-away meal from our favourite restaurant Buffet van Odette, or admire the wonderful art work of the talented Ping He.

Discover our neighbourhood gems with us here

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